Recovery Support

Medications for assisting drug/alcohol recovery

If currently enrolled in IOP Dr. Barrera can coordinate medication assisted treatment. Please call for a phone consultation if you have specific questions. 

She can discuss and counsel on medications such as naltrexone and buprenorphine. 

NeuroEmotional Release

Dr. Barrera will treat underlying Neurologic, Physical and Emotional trauma using Osteopathic techniques on the body and cranium. 


Dr. Barrera will refer and find treatment for those needing additional support if actively suffering from substance use disorders. 

David Anderson, LMHC, CDP

Looking for an experienced certified counselor who can also understand substance use disorders for adolescents or adults? Check out our recommendation below. Although not affiliated with Kin Health & Wellness, David has over 30 years experience working with families. 

Anderson Counseling and Consultation